If you need help to apply for Visa in Japan
Japan Visa Immigration Law Office

An international Immigration Law Office specializing in VISA Supports.

If you need  help to apply for a visa in Japan, please contact our office in Tokyo.

This office is an Immigration Law office that specializes in various Visa applications, visa renewal, permanent residence, foreign company establishment and naturalization application. Please feel free to contact us.

<Main areas> Tokyo, 23 wards, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, etc.

Features of our office

Experienced immigration lawyers and staff in Japanese immigration law, Visa applications and business law

Our firm has more than 20 years of experienced lawyers working as advisors in various laws and immigration laws. Also certified tax accountants who are familiar with business management and immigration laws as well.

As a result, There is negotiation power based on a fine law that almost other companies cannot imitate.  Taking advantage of these, we provide optimal support and application work according to the customer's request after careful counseling.

Reasonable rates: There is a Success Reward System.

  We will ask you in advance about your situation and present the contents of the service and the amount to be paid . We aim for reasonable rates by improving efficiency.

If you do not have permission for the first time, an immigration lawyer will accompany you to the Immigration Bureau to confirm the reason, take action, and then reapply for free. You can also choose to refund your success reward.

Quick application and English-speaking Japanese multilingual staff

Even in a hurry, we will promptly communicate with each customer and aim for speed application. Our staff is not only familiar with the law, but also has experience studying at a university in the United States and Multi-lingual Japanese staff who graduated from law schools in the United States, so even if foreigners are not good at Japanese, they can also respond individually in both English and Japanese.

Guidance of our services

Visa Application (Residence Card Application) / Permanent Residence

Visa application (status of residence application) Visa renewal (status of residence renewal), establishment of a foreign company, permanent residence right, etc. are developed as areas of expertise. Our strength is that we have advisors who are familiar with immigration laws. We can also obtain visas that are difficult for other companies. (If you can't get it, we will refund the success reward part) With the detailed service of Japanese and foreign staff who are good at English, we will respond with care and care each person with care.


Outsourcing of HR, general affairs, and supports related to hiring foreigners.
(General arrangements for acceptance of foreign workers)

Due to the rapid globalization and the declining birthrate and aging population, the number of companies employing foreigners is increasing.

It is efficient to outsource operations and increase the cost benefits because it requires specialized knowledge to accept foreign workers and takes time and effort to process procedures. Our firm has accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how in the acceptance business, and we will support various procedures on behalf of you.

Establishment of a foreign corporation

Experienced corporate establishment experts provide advice and support both legally and in tax accounting. Foreigners can set up a company in Japan as well as Japanese. However, since foreigners have a "Visa" and their activities in Japan are restricted depending on their status of residence, various cautions are required to establish a foreign company from the viewpoint of status of residence (visa).

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